Need for speed?


HTTP v3 and HTTP v2 on a Citrix ADC / NetScaler last update: February 28th 2022 HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 are dead. They are inefficient plain text protocols. The amount of data to be transferred is huge and latency is a big problem, mostly for intercontinental connections. But what alternatives do we have? Are there alternatives? A view on the history of HTTP HTTP/0.9 – The one-line protocol The...

Citrix ADC / NetScaler: How to find out, which users use which Ciphers?


There is something I frequently get asked for: How can we find out, which users use which ciphers? Will Citrix ADC show this information? Does ADM show it? A simple answer would be: No chance, ADC can’t do it at all. ADM – however – can do. If you don’t like ADM (I’d wonder why) you can’t. Let’s not make things that simple. We all are engineers. The word...

Export Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Syslog and TCP connection tables into Microsoft Excel


I recently had been asked, if it would be possible to export syslog files and the TCP connection table into Microsoft Excel. Exporting Syslog to Microsoft Excel Exporting the syslog file is quite simple: It’s just a tiny bash script: rm /var/log/output.csv while read -r month day time servity ip date timezone hostname ppe spacer msg; do printf "%s;" "$month $day $time" "$servity" "$ip"...

Citrix ADC / NetScaler, Rule based persistence


Citrix ADC / NetScaler has three types of persistence that sound similar: Rule-Based Persistence (RULE) Custom Server ID (CUSTOMSERVERID) URL Passive (URLPASSIVE) Rule-based persistnce set lb vserver <servername> -persistenceType RULE -rule "<request-rule>" -resRule "<response-rule>" -cltTimeout <persistence timeout> With rule-based persistence, we use the existing...

Priority of policies in Citrix ADC / NetScaler Content Switching in combination with Load Balancing


In Theory, it’s easy: Load Balancing is stronger than Content Switching. I tested with 13.0 82.42 on a Citrix ADC VPX. With some surprise to me: There had been differences between the features tested. I tested with Responder Policies, Citrix ADC Bot Protection, and Citrix Web Application Firewall. The setup I used a content switching vServer ( and a non-addressable load-balancing...

A sorry-server responding if all services are down


This is something, people tend to ask for: A sorry server responding with a meaningful message in case all services are down. It’s an easy task to do, so I decided to write a quick guide on how to create a setup like that. What we need A load-balancing vServer does not respond, as soon as all services are down. However, there are “protection Servers”. And that’s what I will use...

RADIUS on Citrix ADC / NetScaler


© image: Wikipedia Two and a half years ago, I have written an article about LDAP. I always planned to add an article about RADIUS as well, but I never did. Today, I had to troubleshoot a RADIUS problem, so I did the necessary traces. It is a DUO server, but most other servers behave similarly. Here we go! What is RADIUS RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is a protocol to...

Set a subnet mask in Microsoft DHCP


During one of my Citrix ADC projects, I came across a strange problem. I had to give external users access to a certain IoT device. These very devices don’t support static addressing (!) and are well known for being exploitable, however, there is no really secure alternative available on the market. Because of this, my customer wanted to restrict these crappy devices to a certain range of...

Replying with a 301 Moved Permanently
instead of a 404 not found


last update: May 6th 2021 I recently moved my blog to a new host, so several objects don’t exist anymore. Unfortunately, this will lead to plenty of 404 not found, instead of giving users access to the website as a whole. So I decided to replace all not found with redirects to a certain page, it might be any kind of sorry page or the default page. It’s up to you. The problem Changing...

Costumizing a NetScaler Gateway 10.5 using policies


There are several guidelines out there how to do this. I want to dig a bit deeper. Why do I want to use NetScaler policies to rewrite and pimp this webpage? There are two reasons: A NetScaler is there and it is possible. And it will survive all (or near to all, there will never be a guarantee!) upcoming NetScaler updates! So where do we start? This is a German version of a NetScaler Gateway...

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