Costumizing a NetScaler Gateway 10.5 using policies


There are several guidelines out there how to do this. I want to dig a bit deeper.

Why do I want to use NetScaler policies to rewrite and pimp this webpage? There are two reasons: A NetScaler is there and it is possible. And it will survive all (or near to all, there will never be a guarantee!) upcoming NetScaler updates!

So where do we start?

empty_PageThis is a German version of a NetScaler Gateway. It’s the new and cool green background by Citrix together with the Citrix Receiver logo and a text asking me to log on and to add my two passwords. However users will not know where to add the token and where to add the password!

Way to go!

Changing Password1 and Password2 using NetScaler 10.5 policies

First we need to create a policy per language to change Password1 with Token and Password2 with Password

I hope that helps



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