Installing on a XenServer


It should be easy: download the CD image and install. However you’ll end up with following message:

The bootloader for this VM returned an error — did the VM installation succeed? UNSUPPORTED_INSTAL_METHOD

I asked Google and found a solution:

  1. find the UUID of this machine. It’s listed on the General page of your XenCenter or you can find out by asking the console for
    xe vm-list
  2. set correct booting parameters by typing in:
    xe vm-param-set uuid=[Virtual Machine UUID] HVM-boot-policy=BIOS\ order HVM-boot-params:order=dc
  3. have fun!

Where to get the badstore CD from? Well, surf to However: be patient, this website appears to be down more often than up. I own a CD for version 2.1. I can give it to my friends (i.e. former students) if required. There is a manual on this CD. I found this manual also from here.

The last problem to overcome is a bad one: all links on badstore point to some URLs on, and there is a java script forwarding you to I guess you want to fix it using your a NetScaler? So use rewriting policies. We all know how to do this! No? here’s the solution!

Ok. An other suggestion: Add a DNS zone for to your DNS server. This will do the trick for you

Have fun!

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