Replying with a 301 Moved Permanently
instead of a 404 not found


last update: May 6th 2021 I recently moved my blog to a new host, so several objects don’t exist anymore. Unfortunately, this will lead to plenty of 404 not found, instead of giving users access to the website as a whole. So I decided to replace all not found with redirects to a certain page, it might be any kind of sorry page or the default page. It’s up to you. The problem Changing...

Citrix NetScaler is dead. Long live the Citrix ADC


All of us are always a bit shy looking at Citrix Synergy: What will it bring? Well, this time, Citrix comes up with brand new names for all products. It’s the first time Citrix is renaming the product. Until now the mane resisted all renaming by marketing departement. Citrix aquired NetScaler back in 2005. The original company “NetScaler” was founded by Michel K Susai in 1997...

Reading matter for a Citrix Pro


This is multi langage: a mix of German and English. Look for the flag you prefer .. Kürzlich haben mich Kollegen gefragt, welche Bücher es im Citrix Umfeld gibt. Ich persönlich gehe lieber in einen Kurs, als dass ich Bücher lese, aber Kurse sind teurer, und nicht jeder lernt auf diese Art gleich gut. Ich besitze naturgemäß einige XenApp und XenDesktop- Bücher, nicht alle sind gleich gut. Ich habe...

Installing on a XenServer


It should be easy: download the CD image and install. However you’ll end up with following message: The bootloader for this VM returned an error — did the VM installation succeed? UNSUPPORTED_INSTAL_METHOD I asked Google and found a solution: find the UUID of this machine. It’s listed on the General page of your XenCenter or you can find out by asking the console for xe vm-list set...

Securing a NetScaler


I started getting a bit confused about security of SSL during the last some month. First of all there was Mr. Edward Snowden. He told us about continuous massive attacks against SSL going on. NSA seems to be able to continuously trace our sessions. Next issue was Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). SSL renegotiation seemed to be a big issue. The last one is just a POODLE (CVE 2014-3566) (but never...

About Johannes Norz


This is just another Citrix- Blog. The one by Johannes Norz. Johannes Norz is a Citrix- architect, member of the Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) community, NetScaler evangelist and Citrix certified instructor, Austrian citizen, currently living in Austria, some miles south of Vienna in Baden. He holds several of the highest Citrix certifications like CCE-N (Citrix Certified Expert on Networking)...

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