RFC (Request for Comment): a Naming schema for Citrix NetScaler ADC


In my day-to-day work (audits, project management, project oversight, architecture, …), I usually see Citrix NetScaler ADCs administered by someone else. In my audits, one of my first steps is checking for a consistent naming scheme. NetScalers tend to be chaotic if naming is chaotic. Of course, one can argue that the naming of objects is not essential, but for me, it is also a gauge of how...

I got rewarded CTA!


Two weeks ago Citrix sent me an email saying that they had awarded me as CTA, a Citrix Technology Advocate. It had been released today. It is a great honour to me! I am one of very few Citrix technicians worldwide who have received this award, the only one in Austria. I also known many of the existing CTAs, and they are all people that I appreciate, some of whom I am friends with, people who I...

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