Need for speed?


HTTP v3 and HTTP v2 on a Citrix ADC / NetScaler last update: February 28th 2022 HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 are dead. They are inefficient plain text protocols. The amount of data to be transferred is huge and latency is a big problem, mostly for intercontinental connections. But what alternatives do we have? Are there alternatives? A view on the history of HTTP HTTP/0.9 – The one-line protocol The...

Setting languages for websites using Citrix NetScaler ADC


Last update: Sept. 26 2018 I recently had to set languages, using my Citrix ADC (NetScaler), for a website. My customer has several similar web-pages in different subdirectories. Naming scheme is like this: for English for German … There is currently a total of 12 languages. There had been several requirements, and I had to create a set of responder policies to meet the requirements: if an...

Front End Optimization (FEO) on Citrix NetScaler 11


Last update: July 7th 2018 (FEO testpage does not exist any more, but I updated the download link) I played round on my Citrix NetScaler with Front End Optimization (FEO) in NetScaler 11 built 63.16 (October 2015). There are several requirements. First of all, FEO is a feature depending on an other feature: Integrated Caching. Integrated Caching has to be set up properly, I have written a blog...

Preparing Citrix NetScaler 11 integrated Caching for Front End Optimization


Front End Optimization on a Citrix NetScaler will only work, if caching is set up correctly. This is especially true for image optimization. Usually it’s caching to blame for if image optimization does not work. So what to do? Citrix tells us ( Front end optimization requires the NetScaler integrated caching feature to be enabled. Additionally, you must perform the...

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