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Creating a Citrix ADC / NetScaler Test environment #2


last update: May 5th 2020 Almost two years ago I created a test website for Citrix NetScaler. The product is now called Citrix ADC. It had been a set of files, both, for both, Linux and Windows. It allowed you to create a test environment to test load-balancing solutions, content switching and more. My test web page is very similar to the pages, Citrix Educations use in CNS-220 and the first 3...

Creating a Citrix NetScaler Test environment


last updated: December 2020 Creating a Citrix NetScaler Test environment New since February 2020: Instead of downloading, you may just use my environment, hosted at my private data centre. Being a Citrix Certified Instructor I am very much aware of the Red/Green/Blue website used during official Citrix NetScaler training (CNS-220, CNS-222). I created my own test website. I usually use it during...

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