A simple way for a Citrix ADC (NetScaler) to respond with a 404 not found


I am a big fan of cheating if it comes to security. Giving wrong answers to questions may be misleading and will direct attackers into the wrong direction. This will cost time and, at the same time, rise the risk of being caught red-handed. If someone attacks a website, he has to be discrete and fast. Discrete to not get trapped, quick to be long gone in case the owner learns about the attack. So...

Setting languages for websites using Citrix NetScaler ADC


Last update: Sept. 26 2018 I recently had to set languages, using my Citrix ADC (NetScaler), for a website. My customer has several similar web-pages in different subdirectories. Naming scheme is like this: for English for German … There is currently a total of 12 languages. There had been several requirements, and I had to create a set of responder policies to meet the requirements: if an...

Citrix NetScaler Logging and policy trouble shooting


last update: October 22nd  2021 Citrix NetScaler Logging and policy troubleshooting Some times it’s quite hard to understand what’s going on. There is a lot of mystics about policies. And it’s even harder to understand what went on (past tense). “Johannes, there had been several problems connecting to <any blabla application here>” “I’m sorry, I...

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