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Which cyphers to use on a Citrix ADC /NetScaler?


latest update: February 4th 2021 Recently I found myself in a discussion with another Citrix architect about the number of cyphers needed. I had added as little as fife cyphers to a cypher group. He thought this is not enough. Why should we have many cyphers into a cypher group? To be honest, I don’t understand. It may look flexible, feature-rich and mighty. Customers may get impressed...

A quick way to expand performance on Citrix (NetScaler) Gateways


This is Corona time, and Corona drives virtualization like nothing else did before. I recently had to fix issues with remote access. Usually, it would have to handle round about 1,500 users, but now, the number of users increased to 15,00, so ten times as much. The existing MPX-11500 could not handle all these connections, latency was way to high. Our customer needed a quick resolution, as every...

Using Geo-Location in Citrix ADC / NetScaler


Last update: 2021-02-18   There are several use cases for geo-location information in Citrix ADC / NetScaler. It may be helpful with WAF logs. I am European, I won’t spend much time on a positive, if the log comes from North Korea, but I would consider it to be a “false positive”, if it comes from Germany, Italy or Sweden. Even though I would not consider it to be secure...

Citrix NetScaler is dead. Long live the Citrix ADC


All of us are always a bit shy looking at Citrix Synergy: What will it bring? Well, this time, Citrix comes up with brand new names for all products. It’s the first time Citrix is renaming the product. Until now the mane resisted all renaming by marketing departement. Citrix aquired NetScaler back in 2005. The original company “NetScaler” was founded by Michel K Susai in 1997...

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