Bi-Stable active-passive load-balancing with Citrix ADC / NetScaler


last update: December 10th 2020 I recently came across a problem, that had been hard to resolve. Active/passive load-balancing typically is easy to do: You create a load-balancing vServer for the active service, and another one, intended to be passive, for desaster recovery. Then you set the disaster recovery vServer as a protection vServer for the active vServer. It will automatically switch to...

Automatically forward users of a loadbalanced StoreFront server to /Citrix/StoreWeb


This question was asked by one of my students during one of my last NetScaler CNS 207 classes. It should not be a difficult problem. So what do we need to do? rewrite requests to /Citrix/StoreWeb. filter on requests without URL specified. bind it to the load balancing server. (there is also a 2nd way using a responder policy, but I preferred the rewrite policy) The rewrite action: we locate...

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