DDOS protection using Citrix NetScaler, 1st part


last update: February 21st 2018 How to protect a website using Citrix NetScaler? Well it seems to be easy. A nonsense question. We may use AppQoE (Application level Quality of Experience), a feature introduced with NetScaler version 10, so it’s quite an old feature. Let’s start. AppQoE is enterprise edition My first starting point was E-Docs. Let’s be honest: the guy in charge...

What’s in a WAF (Web application firewall)


This article is a very first answer to a question I recently received. The question was: You’re talking about web application firewalls. I’d like to know how to use the WAF for reverse proxying. … I also might use a firewall as it also contains functions like SQL injection prevention. So what’s in a web application firewall? A web application firewall, also known as WAF...

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