Citrix NetScaler Gateway: How to log on to different domains


A real-world problem: My customer had a gateway that could log on to two different domains (Domain1 and Domain2). For each domain, there was a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) environment. If you log on to Domain1, then you should get connected to CVAD1, if you log on to Domain2, then to CVAD2. There was an additional problem: it was possible that the same user with the same password...

Blocking requests to the IP address in SSL vServers on Citrix NetScaler ADC


This might sound like an idea from an overcautious paranoid guy. But it’s not: My customer is in a very sensitive business. The problem Somebody may scan the internet for open ports and, by random, connect to my customer’s IP. This person will send a request and see my customer’s gateway. He might get curious, even though the gateway is not branded at all and the hostname is not...

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