Export Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Syslog and TCP connection tables into Microsoft Excel


I recently had been asked, if it would be possible to export syslog files and the TCP connection table into Microsoft Excel. Exporting Syslog to Microsoft Excel Exporting the syslog file is quite simple: It’s just a tiny bash script: rm /var/log/output.csv while read -r month day time servity ip date timezone hostname ppe spacer msg; do printf "%s;" "$month $day $time" "$servity" "$ip"...

Citrix ADC / NetScaler, Rule based persistence


Citrix ADC / NetScaler has three types of persistence that sound similar: Rule-Based Persistence (RULE) Custom Server ID (CUSTOMSERVERID) URL Passive (URLPASSIVE) Rule-based persistnce set lb vserver <servername> -persistenceType RULE -rule "<request-rule>" -resRule "<response-rule>" -cltTimeout <persistence timeout> With rule-based persistence, we use the existing...

Securing a NetScaler


I started getting a bit confused about security of SSL during the last some month. First of all there was Mr. Edward Snowden. He told us about continuous massive attacks against SSL going on. NSA seems to be able to continuously trace our sessions. Next issue was Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). SSL renegotiation seemed to be a big issue. The last one is just a POODLE (CVE 2014-3566) (but never...

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